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Chloride Channels in the heart cell
Editorial Illustration
Chloride Channels in Heart Cell

This was an incredibly exciting piece to work on because of a discovery made by Dr. Joseph Hume at the University of Nevada, Reno that may have changed the course of the treatment for cardiovascular disease. I had to combine my knowledge of cell structures and a creative license to illustrate a realm unseen by the naked eye or microscope.  The source material I had to work with was a black and white, 45-minute video tape of a Pasteur pipette slowly being introduced into the microscopic field of a suspended cardiac muscle cell- which didn't provide much in terms of a visual. This final art was created in acrylics and airbrush on hot press board.

Copyright Bernie Kida
H pylori in stomach
H pylori and Gastric Cancer

Helicobacter pylori colonizes the gastric epithelium and is associated with peptic ulcer disease and chronic superficial gastritis. It may also be associated with gastric cancer. This cover illustration depicts colonies of H pylori at work in the stomach for the Journal of the American Academy of Physician Assistants (JAAPA). This illustration combines digital technology and airbrush. At the time the production house was still requesting reflective artwork.

Copyright Bernie Kida
Dangers of Breast Implants illustration by Bernie Kida
HRT in Breast Cancer Patients

This illustration was picked up by Contemporary OB/GYN for an article about hormone replacement therapy and its affect on cancer survivors. Ruptured implants can obscure signs of cancer recurrence in survivors as well.

The original was created in acrylics and airbrush on hot press board.

Copyright Bernie Kida
Baby's Breath
I wanted to capture what I feel the essence of pediatric healthcare is all about- the devotion of the staff. This started out as a lunchtime sketch inspired by a photograph taken by Stan Kaady. Stan and I worked together for years at Scottish Rite Children's Medical Center. I thought the use of pastels was an appropriate medium to convey this tender image of caring.  WRS Group Inc. picked it up to use as the cover art for one of their Childbirth Graphics product catalogues.

Copyright Bernie Kida