Cell Differentiation by Bernie Kida, Copyright 2003 Bruce A. Feinberg
Patient Education Illustration
Cell Differentiation

Dr. Feinberg  is an oncologist with the Georgia Cancer Specialists. He was determined to write a comprehensive patient education book about breast cancer. He and I were introduced and it was an honor to help him sell his idea to a publisher. 

This piece was digitally created  and served to established the tone and color palette of the artwork for the book.

Copyright 2003 Bruce A. Feinberg, M.D.
Pressure Points by Bernie Kida
Pressure Points

I create a lot of patient education material for Children's Healthcare of Atlanta. This piece illustrates the numerous potential pressure points to be considered when caring for the pediatric patient. I chose to icorporate more candid poses to reduce the number of illustrations from three down to two to show all the potential problem areas. Children's uses a black and white version for easier distribution.

Copyright 2006 Bernie Kida
Breast Cancer Metastases

This is another sample of the art created for Dr.  Bruce Feinberg's book, Breast Cancer Answer published by Jones and Bartlett Publishers.  The illustrations are stylized for book aesthetics and maintain a level anatomic accuracy. These were created digitally.

Copyright 2003 Bruce A. Feinberg, M.D.